Protection  Herbal Bath Soak
Protection  Herbal Bath Soak
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Protection Herbal Bath Soak

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Ever feel like you've hung onto everyone's energy you've encountered through the day? Our bath soaks are a way to shake that energy off. Paired with intention, our bath soaks can be used independently or as part of your protection ritual. We've infused our bath soaks with healing intentions, salts, herbs (lavender & calendula), and essential oils. The salts used are rich in antioxidants, aid in grounding / centering energies, and reduces stress and anxiety by helping you relax. 

Organic essentials ease you into a relaxed and centered state by reducing stress, promoting calmness, purifying your energy, and stimulating your mind. 

 Lavender is used to increase calmness and relaxation which can aid in relief in emotions surrounded with anxiety and depression.

Cornflower indigo color vibrates to heal the Third Eye Chakra which works to awaken psychic awareness, enhance knowledge, seek a spiritual connection, and is used in meditation rituals for abundance. 



8.5 oz l Multiple Baths

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Lavender, Cornflower Petals, and Essential Oils (Rosemary, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Geranium).


Our products are curated through research and Spirit with the intention to nourish the mind, body, and soul. The above properties of each essential oil and herb are only a small percentage of the healing properties/benefits of each. We encourage you to look into each herb and essential oil to receive a deeper meaning and connection with each element during your ritual bath. All herbs are organic and ethically sourced from farms and our suppliers.

 How to set your intentions:

Align with your intuition to know how much of this bath soak you want to connect with. Prepare your space so that it feels sacred to you to welcome in the energy. You can use incense, sage, palo santo, intention candles, crystals, and/or music to set your mood. Close your eyes and connect with your inner being. Call on anything you wish to connect to during this intention bath.


To Use:

1. Prepare your space.

2. Fill your bath soak into your organza bag or directly into your bathwater. Swirl around in the water to dissolve salt crystals.

3. Sit back and allow your body to relax and soak into your bathwater for 20 minutes,

4. As the water goes down the drain, imagine all of the negative and low vibrational energy from your day is being pulled down the drain.