Wombman Organic Yoni Soak + Steam

Wombman Organic Yoni Soak + Steam

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2-n-1 yoni steam and soak. Bring herbs to a boil and pour into your v-steam pot to steam them or add loose herbs to your ritual bath. Herbs are also great to make a morning of afternoon loose leaf tea. V-steaming and soaking have many benefits including:

  • Detoxing the womb
  • Boost fertility
  • Menstrual cramp relief 
  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  • Reduces stress
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Release stored emotions and anxiety
  • Tap into feminine energy
  • Balance PH
  • Aids in PCOS

Ingredients: Yarrow Flower, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Lavender Flower, Wormwood, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, and Calendula.

Net Wt 16 oz