What are Affirmations?

What are Affirmations?

 What Are Affirmations?

Some may think affirmations are only for witches, vegans, hippies, or yogis. Truth is, affirmations are for everyone! So what exactly are they? Affirmations are an essential part of self-care, achieving your goals, and overall good mental health. They are short, powerful statements used to speak positivity in your life. They are aimed to affect your conscious and subconscious mind. In turn this affects our thought patterns, behaviors and your environment. Yes, they do all that. Did you know your mind if the most powerful tool that you have access to? Well, now you do!


Affirmations are firmly declaring a positive thoughts and stating it as your truth. This allows you to consciously be in control of your thoughts in order to prioritize positive thoughts over negative thoughts. When you are constantly seeing them, speaking them, or writing them they become thoughts that shape your reality.

Why Should I Say Affirmations?

Powerful affirmation statements make you feel more powerful, optimistic, and excited to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual goals. Here a few other benefits:

- Motivate
- Focus Your Mind
- Achieve Goals
- Influence Subconscious Mind
- Boost Self-Confidence
- Overcome self-sabotaging thought patterns

Ways to Implement Affirmations 

1. Start with one focus
Write a list of things in your life that you want to focus on and improve. Rearrange or number your list in order of priority and start at the top. Spend 30 days with each priority.

2. Be consistent
Say them everyday! Integrate into your morning and bedtime routine.

3. Set A Daily Routine
Affirmations work best if used with other positive thinking and goal setting techniques, which includes setting a daily routine. Integrating affirmations into your daily routine ensures that you allot time to say your affirmations.

4. Set Reminders
We're human. Things slip our mind but that's okay. You can set reminders on your phone with affirmations to pop up throughout the day.

5. Or just download the I Am App 
This app is a game changer. You can set your focus and how many reminders you'd like in a day and it'll send you affirmations throughout the day.

6. Journal Them
Dedicate a journal to your affirmations! Write them 10 times before you began your day and 10 times at bedtime.

7. Place them Around Your Home
Write down your affirmations on post its and place them around common areas in your space. This can include your bathroom mirror or your fridge.

Affirmations are used to motivate and inspire your mind to produce positive visualizations of the words you are speaking into your life. For example, if your affirmation is “I am worthy and open to receive a blessing,” you might visual the blessings you wish to receive and how it feels once you receive them. As a result, these visualizations become embedded in your subconscious mind which in turn changes your reactions, actions, and behaviors.

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